In the UK, the average voltage supply to a property (domestic, commercial and industrial) is between 240v and 252v. Voltage Optimisation Units reduce the volts supplied to the property (usually 220v), saving you money on wasted electricity. Units can be made to suit the needs of all domestic, commercial and industrial customers and provide savings of up to 20%.

How does it work?

Across Europe, the typical electrical supply voltage is between 220 and 230v. However, in the UK, this is significantly higher, with the typical voltage supply between 240 and 252v. All electrical equipment designed for use in the UK and Europe must be capable of operating through the voltage range to comply with EU regulations – meaning that a large proportion of electrical appliances and equipment consume more energy when supplied with a higher voltage (this is much higher in the UK than across Europe). As a result, many appliances over use energy – resulting in energy wastage, higher energy bills and a reduction in the life expectancy of electrical appliances and equipment.

How much money will I save?

The amount of money you are likely to save will vary depending upon the type of electrical equipment that you / your business use and the amount of electricity you consume. A free survey provided by Heatsource Direct will help you better understand your savings potential.

Can I benefit from a Voltage Optimisation Unit?

Everyone with an incomng supply of electricity can benefit from volatge optmisation. We have seen success in a range of applications:

  • Hotels
  • Student Accomodation
  • Churches
  • Industrial units
  • Schools
  • Care homes
  • Office Blocks
  • Retail
Financing your product

There are three ways to finance your purchase:

Option 1 – Shared Energy Scheme

Heatsource Direct will install the equipment completely FREE of charge and you will benefit from savings on your electricity bills for the next 20 years. You will never pay a penny for the equipment but will continue to make energy savings.


✓ No outlay to the customer at any point

✓ Product maintained and guaranteed by Heatsource Direct Limited for the lifetime of the product

✓ Your Investment – £0.00

Option 2 – Buy the equipment outright

You can buy the equipment outright and benefit from full ownership of the product. The average client sees savings on their electricity bill of between 11-17%


✓ Product maintained and guaranteed by Heatsource Direct Limited for 5 years

✓ Typical ROI of less than 2 years

✓ Benefit from the full savings the unit can offer

✓ Extend the lifetime of your products

Option 3 – 12 Month 0% finance

You can fund your purchase over a 12 month – 60 month finance deal. Heatsource Direct can offer 12 months 0% interest.


✓ Full ownership of the product once the finance agreement is settled

✓ Your Investment can be split across 12-60 months

✓ Benefit from the full savings the unit can offer

✓ Extend the lifetime of your products


Far Infrared heating is a modern form of electric heating. Operating costs are typically 30%-60% cheaper than traditional heating systems and are available in a range of styles.

What is Far Infrared Heat?

Humans are radiant objects – emitting and absorbing radiant heat. A common misconception is that the temperature of our body is regulated by the air that surrounds us and not the environment that we are in. If the environment that we are in (for example: an office, school building or your home) is 5° over or above 21°, we feel discomfort. By warming the thermal mass (the building and objects rather than the air) to at least 17° and preferably 22° our bodies stop perceiving that we are cold and we feel comfortable. Our Far Infrared Heating Panels use radiant heat to the thermal mass of the room – providing a safe, comfortable, energy efficient and stylish heating solutions.

Radiant Heat vs Convected Heat

Because they heat the air, even the market leading ‘low consumption’ electric convection radiators need around 40wm3 to provide a comfortable environment. Far Infrared panels do not heat the air, so typically use 25wm3. In a well-insulated room, where heat is held effectively, large savings can be made using a Far Infrared panel.

Can I benefit from Far Infrared Heaters?

Far Infrared Heaters offer an effective, space saving heating solution with high level heating comfort to complement a range of rooms and outdoor spaces. Successful installations have taken place in:

  • Hotels
  • Student Accomodation
  • Churches
  • Industrial units
  • Schools
  • Care homes
  • Office Blocks
  • Retail
  • Homes
The Range

Picture Panels

The Picture Panel offers a unique opportunity to add a stylish centre piece to your room with the added bonus of energy efficient heating. Family portrait to Company Logo, we can integrate any picture.

Mirror Panels

Combining a sophisticated design and energy efficient heating, mirror Panels are an excellent addition to any bathroom, hallway or reception area. The panels are perfect for any bathroom area as they eliminate condensation and mould and walls that are already damp can be dried quickly.

Ceiling Grid Panels

Ceiling panel heaters fit discreetly into the ceiling grid of any residential, commercial or public building. Using a ceiling integrated heating panel allows full use of floor and wall space whilst maintaining a comfortable temperature.

White Panels

Available in 9 different sizes, the White Panel Infrared Heater offers flexibility to meet every requirement whilst offering a sophisticated design and energy efficient heating solution. White Panel Heaters operate at a fraction of the cost of a traditional heater but offer higher thermal comfort.

Space Heating

Space heaters are used to heat larger commercial areas. These heaters are usually mounted in warehouses, gyms, outdoor areas and other larger areas. The come in white or black and produce no light or even a red/orange glow. Like other far infrared heaters, the heat can be felt within 30 seconds.


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These are just 6 of our tagret areas that have seen incredible energy reduction figures. We cover everything from domestic properties to commercial and industrial units.

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Churches are notoriously difficult to heat. Integrating our destratifiction system can reduce your gas bills by 60%. The system also works alongside your current HVAC system to provide optimum efficiency.

Student Accommodation

Student accommodation blocks are typically heated by expensive electirc heaters. Heatsource Direct can reduce the heating bills by up to 70% with our intelligent heating system.


Industrial units often see energy bills into tens of thousands. Reducing this energy bill by up to 20% with our Voltage Optimisation system can free up extra money.

Office Blocks

All offices rely on electricity and consume large amounts, often without realising the expense. A Voltage Optimisation unit could save you thousands of pounds on your energy bills.

care homes

It is important that care homes are kept warm and comfortable. A Far nfrared Heating system can provde this at a fraction of the cost of other electric heating systems. In some cases as much as 70%!


Car showrooms are known for being warm and welcoming. This comes at a cost often into the thousands. Integrating a destratification system can save up to 60% of heating bills.